Unolux Pod Espresso

  • Dimension:

    320w x 400d x 500h(mm), 22kg


    • Easy to use, just place a coffe pod in the filter holder. Press the switch on to start and the machine will turn off automatically at the required level.
    • Activate the milk frother with sucks up the milk and froths to a dense creamy texture allowing you to prepare an excellent cappuccino without being an experienced barista.
    • Robust and reliable thanks to its self cleaning hydraulic system; all inconveniences related to lime scale have been removed from the coffee infusion group.
    • UNOLUX is ideal for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, takeaways, officies and connoisseurs at home that want a high quality, low maintenance and an easy to use machine.
    • Water tank: 3 litres
    • Available in Black and Chrome


    • Short black coffee
    • Long Black coffee
    • Coffee with milk
    • Cappuccino
    • Hot chocolate
    • Hot water